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rAndOm ArTs CoLLecTIVe

About me

My Name is Yve Joy, I live in Ashcott in Somerset.

I am a Arts' Historian with specialist interestins in both Gender Studies and Modern Art.


My Hobbies included; Cookery, Music, Films, Literature, History and Art.


My Favourite Writers include; Jeannette Winterson, Angela Carter, Jane Bowels, Charlotte Perkins-Gilman, Gothe, John Steinbeck, Haruki Marukami and Salman Rushdie along with many more...


My Favourite Directores (and their films) include; Pedro Almodovar, especially his film 'All about my Mother'.  Ingmar Bergman for the likes of 'Wild Strawberries', 'Scenes From A Marriage' and 'Fanny and Alexander', to name but a few.  Finally, I love Woody Allen and his film 'Vicky Christian Barcelona' is one of my all time favourites as are 'Stardust mermories' and 'The Purple Rose of Cairo'


Poetry is an incredibaly important part of my life and my person bible is Walt Whaltman's 'Leaves of Grass', as it is such a beautiful example of the wonderous way true humanists can view the world.  I also find the works of Sappho intoxicating and the writing of Baudelaire fascinating.


I am Currently Listening to:-

Joni Mitchell - 'Court and Spark'

The Knife - 'Shaking The Habitual'

Clinic - 'Winchester Cathedral'

The Rolling Stones - 'Sticky Fingers'

Chromatics - 'Kill for Love'

Bon Ivor - 'For Emma Forever Ago'

Zammuto - 'Zammuto'

Moonface - 'With Siinai: Heartbreak Bravery'


The Savages - 'Silence Yourself'

Blood Orange - 'Cupid Delux'


I am Currently Reading;

'Them' - Jon Ronson


The Books I Read in 2012 are;

'Venus in Furs' - Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

'The Three Theban Plays' - Sophocles

'The Wayward Bus' - John Steinbeck

'Book of Fairy Tales' - Angela Carter

'Corialanus' - William Shakespeare

'The Story of O' - Pauline Reage

'Black Elk Speaks' - John G. Neihardt

'The Little Paris Kitchen' - Rachel Khoo

Nigelaisim - Neigella Lawson

'The Rhetoric of Purity' - Mark A. Cheetham

The Last Books I Read are;

'Of Love & Other Deamons' - Gabriel Garcia Merquez

'Nadja' - Andre Breton

'Painting the Difference: Sex and Spectator in Modern Art' - Charles Harrison

'Society of the Spectical' - Guy Debord

 The Daylight Gate' - Jeanette Winterson

'Limoncello and Linen Water' - Tessa Kiros


The Last Film's I Watched were;


'Blue Jasmin'


My Personal Motto is "Nil Blot Til Lyst" – Not Solely for Pleasure! (Ingmar Bergman)

And my spirit is "Free but Joyful" (Brahms)